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Catching up with GCS Feature Articles for Nov 08

It was as if I was trying to run after a leaving train… Over the Christmas holiday, I have managed to churn out two feature articles that were put up on the Green Culture Singapore website for my members to read.

Since the year is coming to an end and that the website still lacked articles for the month of November, I thought I should convert and elaborate two originally shorter write-ups that were published on this garden blog  into articles for the website, since not every member would have visited this garden blog.

The information published on some of the posts here may still be informative and enjoyable to read for those who has not visited this site.

1. Getting to know the beautiful Hibiscus acetosella

Hibiscus acetosella is a Hibiscus species that is unique in its own way. Noted for its distinctive, deep red-purple foliage that consists of deeply lobed, palmate-shaped leaves, H. acetosella is a striking addition to any garden. Besides being used as an ornamental plant, it also possesses food and medicinal uses. Read this article written by Wilson to find out more!

URL – http://www.greenculturesg.com/articles/nov08/nov08_hibiscusacetosella.pdf

2. Make Your Own Plant Sign

Want to have plant signs that are made of stainless steel that were used to display the names of plants in places like the Singapore Botanic Gardens and HortPark but cannot afford to make some for your garden? Read this feature article written by Wilson where he shows you the steps that you can follow to make similar plant signs using very affordable materials!

URL – http://www.greenculturesg.com/articles/nov08/nov08_planttag.pdf