Brugmansias in HortPark

Keneric Ng, my colleague in NParks recently disseminated a message that announced the flowering of a Brugmansia versicolor cultivar to all staff in the organisation. Commonly known as the Angel’s Trumpet, the plant we had is grown in a large pot and was moved to the patio of Lifestyle Corner in HortPark for all to appreciate when it flowered. Below is the account which he shared with all of us…

Started out as a tiny cutting, the plant was cared for and grown at Pasir Panjang Nursery since 11 Feb 2009. Exactly 200 days later, it has done what it does best … ‘trumpetize’!

Easily propagated by stem-cuttings, Brugmansia does best in a sheltered, part-shade area and it is a famous heavy feeder. Be generous with fertilizer application, combined with consistent watering and one shall be rewarded with loads of trumpets. There are several cultivars with different coloured flowers e.g. pink, that gradually deepened over time.

There are 20 blooms now and more are coming up! For this cultivar, new trumpets are white, gradually deepening into a sweet mellow peach. It is however a pity that each flower only lasts about 2 days locally. By the end of the second day, the trumpet starts to wilt in the heat of the tropics.

Other than the current display at Lifestyle Corner, different cultivars of the plant are also planted at various locations of HortPark i.e. Water Garden, Home Garden, Floral Walk, Butterfly Garden and Golden Garden. Of which, do keep an eye on those growing at Water Garden…as they are likely to be the next to bloom. To see a yellow flower variegated leaf cultivar, do check out the Gardens-By-The-Bay Prototype Glass House.

So, you do know the best venue to be at if you want to get trumpetized! Enjoy and help us blow the trumpet if you like them!

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