Green Culture Singapore’s HitWise Award 2007 Win and Feature Articles for April 08

I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Green Culture Singapore, the gardening website that I have set up, won the HitWise Award for the House and Garden industry for the Year 2007! This is a significant milestone for the website as this is its first win in almost four years after it was set up. It is a recognition of our efforts! Our happiness and thanks are all written inside the first feature article below:

Green Culture Singapore, A HitWise Online Performance Award Winner 2007

Green Culture Singapore (GCS) was announced as the #1 website in the Lifestyle – House and Garden category for 2007, in the latest Hitwise Online Performance Awards program. The annual Hitwise Online Performance Awards recognises excellence in online performance through public popularity, awarding websites in a variety of industries. Read on to find out more!


Another article was penned by one of the carnivorous plant growers from the GCS discussion forum, guqin. He specialises in Utricularia and more information about this genus of interesting plants can be found in the article below:

Plants with Bladders!

Carnivorous plant growers refer to the Utricularia genus of carnivorous plants affectionately as ‘pond scum’. While ‘pond scum’ rightly refers to filamentous algae, some Utricularia species, especially aquatic ones, when not in flower, do resemble ‘pond scum’. However, these ‘pond scum’ do produce flowers that are disproportionately beautiful from their vegetative self and here lies their attraction. Read this article written by S. H. Tan (a.k.a. guqin on the GCS discussion forum) to find out more!


The next article, as usual, was penned by myself. This month, I wrote about the mock strawberry which is also known by another name, the Indian strawberry. I find that little is known about this plant and not many Singaporeans are aware of it. Hence I decided to do some research and wrote an article about it to let readers to learn more about it. I grow this plant in my community garden and many visitors who visited the garden were quite surprised to see a ‘miniaturised’ strawberry plant.

The Neglected Mock Strawberry

The mock strawberry plant is an attractive, miniaturised version of the edible strawberry plant. It exudes some charm but seems that it is not commonly grown or popular amongst gardeners due to the belief that it can be an invasive plant. In this article, Wilson shares some tips on how one can appreciate this dainty plant whilst still able to exert some control to confine the wandering stolons of this plant.


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