A bumper crop of pumpkins!

My community gardeners just harvested three plump fruits from the pumpkin patch today.

 The cultivar is “Fairy” which I bought from Known You Seeds last time and they are those pumpkins with small fruits, unlike the ones we see during Halloween. In addition, the fruits are oval to pear-shaped.

 As you can see from the picture below, the fruits are still not ripe enough for consumption. An orange tinge is starting to appear. The appearance of an orange colour is an indication that the fruit is ripening. It should not appear too green.

We would have to wait for a little while more for the fruit to turn totally orange with little green on the rind of the pumpkins as well as for the stalk to dry up substantially before the fruits are fit for the cooking pot.


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2 responses to “A bumper crop of pumpkins!

  1. Hi,
    For growing pumpkins, do I need soil or I can use heydroponics method? I am interested to grow veggies. What would be the easier veggies to start with? I don’t have much space in my house but would like to grow some veggies as a hobby and also cos i think it’s healthier.

  2. Hi Sing Yee,

    Thanks for your comment.

    You can use both techniques for growing pumpkins but for hydroponics, you may need to try different nutrient media (made from different water-soluble fertiliser formulae) to see which gives you the best growth. That sounds a little tedious right?

    Anyway, pumpkin vines need space to grow and sprawl and it is therefore not a suitable candidate for growing in an apartment where space is a constraint. Better bet is to get yourself a plot at a nearby community garden to grow a pumpkin vine.

    For space-saving vegetables, try growing some leafy vegetables as well as some shrubby fruiting ones like lady’s fingers, tomatoes, chillis and brinjals. For the latter group, you need to grow them in bigger containers. Some bush-type bean varieties would be suitable also.

    For most edibles, they need to grow under direct sunshine for best results.


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